Proper Use of Masks

Release Date:2022-02-22 17:00
Cara Menggunakan Masker Yang Benar

Wear a mask, wash your hands and keep your distance. That's the health protocol we're obliged to implement in the middle of the current pandemic.

Considering the decline in covid-19 cases in Indonesia, not a few people have begun to become negligent in applying health protocol rules, one in the way that masks are used.

For example, holding the mask over one ear only, lowering the mask under the nose so that it covers only the mouth, or even pulling the mask down to the chin. Well, such improper use of a mask may reduce the effectiveness of a mask and increase the user's risk of exposure to the corona virus.

Understandably, new masks can provide effective protection when used properly. Thus, more than merely wearing a mask, it must be proper to use a mask to protect you from the corona virus. Listen to the full review here.

Proper use of masks

To provide effective protection, you need to mask properly. Here is how a proper mask is recommended by the ministry of health (ministry):

It is customary to wash your hands first before using a mask. You can wash your hands with running water and soap, or you can use hand sanitizer with raw materials.

When wearing a mask, be sure to cover your nose, mouth, and chin fully. The colored part of the mask is on the front, and the white part is on the face.

Then, press the top of the bug mask to follow the shape of the nose.

Tips on choosing the right mask

Three types of masks were recommended by the ministry: a cloth mask, a surgical mask, and a respirator mask.

A surgical mask is the type of mask recommended for use by the general public. Currently, however, society is being encouraged to use a double spectrum, given the presence of a new variant of the corona virus that is more harmful and more contagious.

The correct use of a double feature is to use a surgical mask first and then a cloth mask as a layer afterward.

Whereas the respirator mask or more known as kn95 or the kn95 had better filtration ability than the surgical mask, so it was recommended for people who treated patients covid-19 and were health-care workers.

However, be careful when buying surgical masks. Make sure the surgical masks you buy meet quality, safety, and benefits requirements, including those that pass the test Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE), Partie Filtration Efficiency (PFE), and Breathing Resistance as a condition to prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

The benefits of using the correct mask

Covid-19 can easily spread from one person to another, especially through droplet or spark from the respiratory tract. That can happen when infected people cough, sneeze, talk, scream, or sing and then drop out of the mouth or nose of others around them.

Well, a mask isa simple barrier that can help prevent a nasal spark containing a virus from entering your body. Studies have shown that the value of proper use of a mask through the nose and mouth can reduce the flow of sparks.

You are encouraged to wear a mask, even when you and those around you seem to be in good health. As a result, covid-19 people with asymptomatic and asymptomatic still transmit the virus to others. Thus, the proper use of your mask helps you to protect yourself and those around you when an infected person is present but without symptoms.

Not only are outdoors but it is also important for you to wear a mask when you are indoors with people who do not live with you.

Also, wear a mask while interacting with others that do not allow you to keep a distance of at least six feet 2 m. That is because the covid-19 spread out especially among people who had close contact with one another.

Besides wearing a mask, you also need to apply other health protocols with discipline when engaging in outdoor activities, washing your hands, keeping your distance, and avoiding crowds.

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