How to Care for Our Mental Health

Release Date:2022-02-22 17:12
Menjaga Kesehatan Mental
As technology advances, it makes it easier for us to communicate with our loved ones and strangers in our hands. There are several 'chat 'applications supplied by some developers. The app is often called social media. Yeah, who here doesn't have a social media account? Almost all have social media accounts, not just teenagers or adults who have social media accounts, now many children and parents have personal social media accounts.

But did you know? That it turns out social media has had a rather morbid impact on health. Mental health is one of them. Yes, because in social media we can see the activities of others, the status of others, and we can even comment on the other person from within our social media.

And where is this harmful effect on mental health? The harmful effects will be felt upon those who often feel 'bullying' in the comments column of activities or status they share on social media.

Not a few people have performed bullying in someone else's comments column, knowing that it was the fault of the person or actually the desire to get the person down.
There are ways to prevent and address mental problems on social media.

How to prevent and overcome:
1.  Always drawing near to the Lord to be protected from all forms of evil.
2.  Do other activities to reduce social media, while suppressing mental stress too often social media can also cause a negative eye cause too long to look ata cellphone screen.
3.  Whether to be snug or not to get carried away (baper), let people say what is important about us that we are happy, like the song yes.
4.  Consult a psychologist if that's what it takes.

May it help, and remain wise in social media without hurting others.
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