Are Familiar With Stunting Terms, Causes and Prevention

Release Date:2022-02-22 17:14
Most societies may not understand a term called stunting. Stunting is a chronic undernourishment problem caused by prolonged lack of proper nutrition, resulting in developmental disorders in children's lower or short body height (dwarfed) by their age standards.

The child's short bodily condition is often said to be the hereditary factor of both parents, so the general population simply accepts for nothing. Genetics, as we know, weigh the world's greatest health determinants when compared with behavioral, economic, cultural, political, and health care factors. In other words, stunting is a preventable problem.

Causes of stunting

1.  Malnourished and malnourished during pregnancy
Prolonged malnourishment occurs from the womb fetus until the beginning of the child's life (the first 1000 days of birth). Because of poor access to nutritious foods, low intake of vitamins and minerals, and a poor variety of food and animal protein sources.

2.  Upbringing and a child's food intake
Maternal factors and improper upbringing especially in child-giving behavior and practice are also stunting children when mothers fail to provide sufficient, sufficient nutritional intake. A mother who has lacked nutrition in her teen years, even in pregnancy, and that lactation will significantly affect the growth of a child's body and brain.

Other factors that cause stunting are maternal infections, teen pregnancy, maternal disorders, short birth distances, and hypertension. Furthermore, lack of access to health care as well as access to sanitation and safe water is a major factor in child growth.

Stunting prevention

To prevent this, multiply nutritious foods derived from local fruits and vegetables in the womb. Then there is also a need to provide a young woman sufficient so that when she becomes pregnant, adults are not malnourished. It also requires attention to the environment to create access to sanitation and clean water.

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