The Omicron Case in Indonesia Skyrocketed in February

Release Date:2022-02-22 17:17
Variants omricon plague a number of countries, with no exception for Indonesia. The government predicted an increase in omricon's case would happen in February. It is even estimated to be twice the size of the previous delta variant.

A rise in the covid-19 case occurred during the past week, one of which was due to increased testing and tracing by the government as an early detection effort.

Covid-19 vaccination spokesperson nadia tarmizi says they have a positive rate in the last week.
 "Our weekly positivy rate has an increase of 3.65 percent. It was not only with the increased testing and tracing, "says nadia.

If it appeals to positive patients with moderate or non-sympatic symptoms it would be best to pursue self-isolation.

As information, telemedicine services are available to people in general who are in self-isolation.
Teleportation services and telemedicine miniskes and these free drug packages are accessed through

When it comes to vaccination programs, priority will be given to communities that have not received vaccines, especially the elderly and children.

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