A New Variant Covid-19, Alert to Omicron Symptoms

Release Date:2022-02-22 17:18
We've all been whizzing about lately with a new covid-19 variant. That is, variant omicron, this new variant has rapidly spread across the world. Many of us still don't know what symptoms are occurring in omicron sufferers.

Here are some of the clinical symptoms that sufferers experience:
1.  Clogged nose or rinore
2.  coughs
3.  Throat itches and it hurts

As for some different symptoms in toddlers and children.
Symptoms common in toddlers and children:
1.  Sniffles and coughs
2.  headache
3.  fever
4.  fatigue
5.  Sore throat.

In all cases the symptoms of the virus are similar to those of the common cold, but it comes from the same virus as the covid-19 that is mandatory attention.

For early prevention it is always best to implement the health protocols recommended by the government.

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