4 Side Effects of The Covid-19 Vaccine on Children

Release Date:2022-02-22 17:21
After a long time the children have been required to study at home, it is now time for the children to resume their face-to-face learning activities at school. Before doing so, however, schools are required to set up schools that implement strict health protocols, whether tables and chairs are designated, masks, hand sanitizer or fire. Furthermore, schoolchildren are required to have vaccines first. They are held either at school or at health centers like the medical center.

Now do you know epek side of a vaccine in any child? Here are the four side effects that children experience after the vaccine:
1.  Fever
Fever is a common side effect of vaccination loh, it's actually normal, because it suggests the vaccine is working to form immune to the body. A mild fever will wear off after a few days.

2.  Fatigue
Once vaccinated, children go to sleep? It's a sign of fatigue. Yeah, fatigue is one of those side effects of the covid-19 vaccine. It's a sign that the immune system is forming antibodies.

3.  Headache
Headaches or dizziness are common to most post-vaccine children because antibodies are formed.

4. Nausea
Nausea is one of the most common symptoms after vaccination, the source of nausea after the covid-19 vaccine is that the body is creating the immune system.

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