Second Covid-19 Vaccine Delivery

Release Date:2022-02-22 17:29

With a vaccination of the first dose, people are required to vaccinate a second dose with the purpose of strengthening previously formed antibodies. Normally vaccinated by health-care centers in each region with the same type of vaccine as the first dose. There are actually some types of vaccines, but the first to be introduced is the sinovac vaccine.

Some other kind of vaccine has gotten clearance from BPOM RI :

1.  sinovac
The sinovac vaccine is the first covid-19 vaccine in Indonesia to get emergency use permission from bpom. Eua was published by bpom on Monday, January 11th, 2021.

Sinovac emergency use permit was given after the BPOM review of a vaccine clinical trial conducted in bandung. BPRS also probes the clinical results of the sinovac vaccine performed in Turkey and Brazil.

From an analysis of the clinical trials phase III in bandung showed 65.3 percent covid-19 sinovac vaccine mixture. The vaccine developed by sinovac research and development co., LTD.

2.  Covid-19 Bio-Farma Vaccine
One month later, on February 16, 2021, BPOM released EUA for the covid-19 vaccine, which was produced by PT Biofarma (aapship). The vaccine by the name of the covid-19 vaccine product has a license number for EUA 2102907543a1.

The vaccine produced by the farma production was based on raw materials that were gradually sent by the sinovac. It comes ina availability of a 5 ml vial, each vial containing 10 doses of the vaccine derived from the virus inactivation.

3.  AstraZeneca
In just a few days, the BPOM then reissued EUA for the British pharmaceutical company's covid-19 vaccine, astrazeneca, on February 22, 2021, with EUA's number 2158100143a1.

The board gave emergency use permission for astrazeneca after conducting the evaluation with the national committee of drug assessors and other parties. The covid-19 vaccine developed by astrazeneca and the university of Oxford had a 62.1 percent effor.

4.  Sinopharm
On April 29, 2021, BPOM released EUA for covid-19 sinopharm vaccine with EUA 2159000143A2. The sinopharm vaccine is distributed by the farma chemical system with a virus inactivated platform or virus activated.

Based on the evaluation, administering a two-day synobodily vaccine with a 21-day hose showed a well-tolerable security profile. Testing of phase III clinics conducted by researchers in the UAE with the subject of around 42 thousand indicates a sinopharm vaccine effor 78 percent.

5.  Moderna
 The moderna vaccine got EUA from BPOM on Friday, July 2, 2021. According to clinical trials the third phase indicates a 94.1 percent increase in moderna vaccines in 18-65-year-olds. The moderna vaccine measures down to 86.4 percent for over 65 years. Clinical trials have also declared a moderna vaccine safe for a population group of people with komorbide.

6.  Pfizer
Two weeks later, pfizer re-issued EUA for the covid-19 Pfizer vaccine on July 15, 2021.

Phase III clinical test data show a vaccine demonstration developed by Pfizer inc. and biontech as much as 100 percent at the age of 12-15, then down to 95.5 percent at age 16 and above.

7.  Sputnik v
BPOM published the EUA for the covid-19 Sputnik v. The Sputnik v vaccine is used for groups ages 18 and over.

8.  Janssen
As new, BPOM announced EUA for the covid-19 vaccine produced by Johnson & Johnson, the janssen covid-19 vaccine. Emergency use of janssen vaccine was announced by BPOM on September 7, 2021.

9.  Convidecia
EUA to the covid-19 vaccine produced by Cansino, Convidecia, was announced at the same time as the janssen vaccine, September 7, 2021.

The convidecia vaccine is a vaccine developed by cansino biological inc. and the Beijing institute of diseases is also developed by non-replicating virae using vector adenovirus (advix).

10.  Vaccine Zifivax
Information only, the zifivax vaccine is a Chinese vaccine developed and produced by anhui zhifei longcom biopharmaceutical co. LTD. And the Chinese academy of sciences.

11.  Covovax Vaccine
The covovax vaccine is a vaccine with a platform that recombines a glycocoprotein spike using a vaccine adjuvant matrix-m1. This vaccine was produced by the serum institute of India PVT. LTD., India (sii).

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