First Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution

Release Date:2022-02-22 17:30
Since the high incidence of positive covid-19 in Indonesia has been clamoring for solutions to prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus. There have been many ways by the government to prevent the rise in positive cases in Indonesia, by vaccinating all of Indonesia as a self-protection against the covid-19 virus.

The first vaccine was given to the Indonesian President, Mr. Ir. Joko widodo in early 2021 on January 13, by presidential physician Dr. Abdul mutalib at the presidential palace.

The vaccine given to the President was the syovac vaccine, which would be given simultaneously and incrementally to health and community workers.

The sinovac or coranavac vaccine is itself a vaccine to prevent viral infection - cov-2 or commonly called covid-19. It contains the sars-cov-2 virus that is dormant. Injecting this vaccine will trigger the immune system to identify an inactive virus that will produce antibodies to fight against it and thus prevent covid-19 infection. It has obtained emergency use from the federal republic of Indonesia's food and drug administration.

The sinovac vaccine is given to adults, children and nursing mothers. The special for expectant mothers is given at a minimum of 12 weeks of pregnancy and a maximum age of 33 weeks of pregnancy with a prescribed dose.

There are four stages of the vaccine:
1.  The registry and verification of the candidate for a  vaccine.
2.  Physical examination and history of illness.
3.  Injecting vaccine by vaccinators
4.  Vaccine sertifat present.

Side effects posed after the vaccine:
1.  Pain or swelling in the injection area
2.  fever
3.  nausea
4.  Body feels tired
5.  headache
6.  Increased appetite

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