It's Important to Recognize His Leprosy

Release Date:2022-02-22 17:33
What is leprosy? Is leprosy the same as a cyst? Don't get me wrong, lepers and cysts are different.

Leprosy, or leprosy, is an infectious disease caused by the mycobacterium leprae bacteria that attack the peripheral nerves, skin and tract. The direct (long-term) transmission of leprosy through breathing, air or physical contact with a leper. Let's identify the symptoms of leprosy in ourselves and our neighbors.

Nothing is obvious about the symptoms of leprosy at first. Even symptoms of leprosy are present in some cases until the bacteria mycobacterium leprae engages in the victim's body for 20 to 30 years.

Some of the symptoms that sufferers experience are:
1.  Numbness in the skin, including loss of ability to sense temperature, touch, pressure, or pain.
2.  Pale lesions, lighter colors, and thickening of the skin appear.
3.  Skin doesn't sweat.
4.  The wound appears, but it doesn't hurt.
5.  Nerve augmentation that normally occurs in the elbow and knee.
6.  Muscle weakness, especially leg and hand muscles.
7.  Losing eyebrows and eyelashes.
8.  The eyes dried up and seldom winked.
9.  Nosebleeds, sinus congestion, or loss of nasal bone.

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